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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing management services
  • Recruit, acquire and grow performance based relationships
  • We provide a fully managed affiliate marketing service.
  • Improve the efficiency of your marketing.
  • Drive incremental revenue.
  • Give expert strategic direction
  • Provide a risk free solution.

We've tailored our affiliate marketing service to incorporate our digital knowledge from every channel. This means you receive the benefit of expert affiliate advice from those that understand how it affects your display and PPC advertising - that's a lot of expertise! Each package is unique to every client depending on your needs, but each service includes:

  • An initial consultation with you
  • An audit of your current affiliate programme
  • Submission of an expert proposal
  • Full project management and affiliate optimisation
  • Frequent reports and recommendations
  • We work as an extension of your team . We take things personally and treat the client’s needs and business like our own, which means we operate as an extension rather than an outsourced agency.

By doing this we ensure that we become an unbiased ‘outsourced program manager’, performing the function of an in-house staff member. By acting in this way we still allow advertisers to own the relationships they have with their affiliates and/or Affiliate Networks.

Affiliate principles built by us, for you We have built our own affiliate principles that we base the continuous optimisation of our programmes on. Our principles are:

  • The type of affiliates are determined by the consumer behaviour in each market
  • Grow your programme by investing in the assets that you make available to your affiliates
  • Tailor the entire conversion journey in partnership with your top affiliates
  • Acknowledge the 80/20 rule, but deploy tactics to grow low volume affiliate relationships
  • Measure the contribution of affiliate marketing against your entire Digital Marketing mix
  • We're affiliate marketing specialists
  • As specialists we have the strategic skills and knowledge to help a brand launch and maintain an affiliate campaign, as well as having the experience to recommend the best networks for specific sectors or campaign types.

Working with a specialist agency provides the same transparency, accountability and access of an internally managed program, but with the full support, guidance and experience of working across multiple industries and brands.

How affiliate marketing can double your online ROI It is a common misconception among advertisers that affiliate marketing is just for businesses looking to push their brand out on discount websites. In fact, affiliate marketing can significantly increase your online revenue without any risk whatsoever making it one of the most efficient digital marketing channels. By using affiliate marketing you:

  • Only pay once you start seeing a result such as a sale or lead generation
  • Eliminate risk by not prepaying for advertising space
  • Compliment your current display and PPC campaigns
  • Get access to thousands of websites that do not belong to a display network
  • Eventually the impact of not running an affiliate programme is that you miss out on revenue from the most efficient channel, and lose out on the benefit of free brand exposure on thousands of sites.

The advertiser and publisher relationship

The affiliate marketing world can be a daunting one, especially for those who may be unfamiliar with the industry. Before deciding if an affiliate marketing programme is for you it is important to understand how each business relates to another and the benefits of each relationship.


An advertiser is a business looking to promote their product or service online by paying commission to businesses (publishers) that successfully drive visitors to the advertisers' website. The benefit is that an advertiser does not have to pay anything until they start seeing results. Publishers (also known as 'Affiliates')Publishers are the businesses that monetise their websites and online traffic by promoting either one or many advertiser products and/or services. Once the publisher begins to push traffic to the advertisers' website the network can track when this traffic generates a sale for the advertiser, and once this action occurs the publisher receives commission. Affiliate Network

The affiliate networks provide advertisers and publishers with a platform to find creatives, promotional assets, tracking links, reporting, finance overview and a communication channel. Agencies

Agencies are brought in by clients to provide strategic direction and provide expert management skill. Affiliate marketing is a long process and requires a lot of love, care and attention in order to grow successfully - something agencies can provide and client businesses may not have time for.