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Competitive Analysis

Do You Really Know How Good your Competition Is?

In the competitive landscape, are you 100% sure of what your competition is doing, and more importantly, how are they doing it better? Thus, regular competitor analysis is vital for every business enterprise to really understand who they are up against. It is also important because it combines experience and intuition with fact-based analysis. The result is that you can identify the unique value and differentiators of your products/ services as well as how your strengths can be leveraged and weaknesses can be minimized and improved.

Connective9 Competitive Analysis- Make Your Way to Competitive Advantage.

Connective9 helps you move on to the right branding path with an extensive range of services that will give you a unique insight to fully understand the brand's position, opportunities and the way forward:

  • Comprehensive SWOT Technique for in-depth understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with respect to your competitors
  • Continual Analysis services to ensure you stay ahead of competition at all times.
  • Competitor Identification and Profiling; their past, present, and future strategies and business goals; their success rate and opportunities/ threats they pose; and how they respond to your business approach on pricing, product launch etc.
  • A fully trained team of Competitive Intelligence experts.