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Digital Architecture Development

A system architecture or systems architecture forms part of our digital architecture analysis services similar to our service approach for Information Architecture although a step up in complexity to focus on the technical aspects of a network, software integrations and systems. (For an overarching view of our architecture methodology please visit our IA page). The core services we supply include;

We Review, Build and Design of Systems Architecture (SA) for companies and organisations from ground up or exisiting technology stacks. Our SA services and processes cover;

  • Introduction to existing organisational Systems Architecture (SA)
  • Research and Analysis of exisiting SA vs. Industry Standards (inc. Enterprise and Open Architecture)
  • Workshops with team resources and 3rd party technical resources for SA solutions
  • SA Recommendations and Strategic Development
  • SA Visual Design Mapping (Systems Design)
  • Comparative Impact Resourcing and Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Systems Architecture Formal Recommendations

Our services include all aspects of network layers, network technology, bandwidth, applications, integration stacks, software platforms, devices. We take a top down approach and look as low level as processors and core platform calculation complexity vs time; and as high as visual communications with end-users. A common challenge with systems architecture is the ability to look beyond the IT best practice methodologies. At &Mine we robustly investigate and ensure the bridge between “technology” and “commercial” organisational outcomes are designed.

This is more than designing cleaver looking “boxes” to validate system architecture to decision makers and stakeholders, we build proven commercial models and roadmaps to evolve and align ideal technology for organisations.