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Influencer Marketing (DWOM)

In this era of social media marketing, it is not enough to just have people talking about your brand. It is rather a question of who are the people talking about your business, brands, products and services. And in the answer lies the secret of success, namely, the social influencers. It is because these people are the game changers who can positively influence your current and prospective target audience.

Be Influential

With end-to-end influencer marketing services part of our expertise, we begin by first helping you identify the influencers, and then weave content and experiences around them. Needless to say, we walk the talk and help measure the success of our social media marketing every step of the way.

So get ready to have the most influential presence online with our digital, social and mobile campaign offerings and live events and experiences to help create more attention, especially in the influencer network. We also build customized experiences centered around mobile and digital design, ranging from a community hub to a full blown ecommerce platform to create an exceptional online experience.

Other services include regular content to keep your customers sufficiently engaged, product seeding using our influencer network that will go out there and spread the word, awareness through top digital publications and tailor made email marketing services to target the most influential advocates of your brand.

Lastly, we firmly believe that real success will come through audience speak, and we leave no stone unturned in this respect. We tap into the network for you to get the influencers' perspective, and customer preferences on what they love about your brand. Using these inputs, we get people to talk about you and your offerings on all relevant social media platforms.