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Mobile Advertising

Now that most of us are officially mobile-first internet users, how is the mobile advertising industry responding? A report by comScore reveals that 69% of digital media time is spent on mobile, 4% up from the previous year, largely driven by smartphone app usage (consumers spend 92% of their time on smartphones in apps, 7% up from the previous year, according to Flurry Analytics research data). It’s no surprise then that mobile advertising spend has soared. The latest figures from IAB US show that in 2016, mobile ad spend grew by 21.8% (from the previous year) to reach a whopping $72.5 billion.

Mobile advertising can include anything from video ads and mobile website display to in-app ads. The very nature of mobile (as a personal device) calls for a personalised approach with precisely targeted advertising campaigns for the best return on investment. And, a number of mobile advertising companies have emerged to support this trend.

According to 2016 IAB UK study, 66% of marketers believe location-based advertising is the most exciting mobile opportunity. Advertisers can now personalise their messages to people, in real time, based on their current location. This is why in-app advertising works so well.