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Mobile SEO

More than 90% of internet users are using mobile phones to access the web. Mobile devices are used more than desktop for web browsing and mobile search have overtaken desktop in 2016 (Mobile’s 51.3% versus the desktop’s 48.7%). Google has already cleared that mobile SEO will be a key factor in search engine ranking. Smartphones and tablets users are preferred to see sites in their mobile, so mobile SEO Services is extremely important in online marketing today.

“Mobile SEO is, the process of optimizing your site so it comes up in mobile search results.”

Why Does Your Business Need Mobile SEO?

  • About 85 to95% of people use their mobile devices to access the web everyday
  • About 90% of users move between devices to complete a task
  • About 35% of users use their mobile to buy things
  • About 95% of users use their smartphone to research products and services online
  • About 51% of smartphone and tablets searchers visited an online store
  • Why Mobile SEO Services from Outshine Solutions:

Outshine Solutions team follows Google technical guidelines and make sure your mobile website pass in all parameters of mobile SEO audit. We utilize proven SEO strategies and implement it to take your campaign to the next level and achieve top ranking and drive traffic to your mobile site. We, at outshine solutions have a proven records of mobile website design, development and promotion.