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SEO Cancellation and Refund Policy

Connective9 follows a transparent and no fuss cancellation policy. Here are the terms of the policy:

1. Clients cannot cancel SEO Services in the middle of the month for that month’s services. At no time, can any part of current month SEO funds be refunded. Since we do not have a contract, if you are not 100% satisfied, then feel free to cancel before the beginning of the next month. But before you do that, please give us one last opportunity to make you happy. That’s fair don’t you think? If for any reason you are unhappy with our SEO Services, please contact us so that we can remedy the situation or simply do not pay for the following month.

2. All your credentials will be hand over to you after ending the contract.

3. All website development sales are final and non refundable for any reason.

4. We can’t guarantee’s 1st position in Google or other search engines is not being 100% honest with its clients.

5. What we guarantee though is that your website will be optimized in compliance with the latest search engine optimization policies, using only “white hat” techniques, which in combination with our high expertise and hard work will eventually lead to a noticeable increase in rankings and traffic.

6. The month of SEO services that you purchase from SEO Experts is billed ahead of time. You are always billed for the month of services that are to be rendered. Once SEO services have been paid for, SEO Experts will render SEO Services for the entire month being billed.