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Success of digital marketing campaigns relies on its success to get more conversions. With the simplicity of multi-channel reach to consumers comes the complexity of managing and driving revenue generation through multiple sources in the digital marketing space. Attribution assignment support identifying the set of user responsesresulting in desired outcome and success of a strategy or campaign.Simply put, digital media attribution is a method of aggregating and evaluating the combination of touch points and user action that converge the consumers' journey to 'path-to-purchase'.

Connective9 assists in multi-channel attribution modelling for supporting complex and exhaustive analytics for better understanding of consumer engagement, behaviour and action across the digital channels. Building a sound attribution model is critical for accurate data tracking and assessment to further assist in constant evolution and alignment of digital strategy.We as your partner on the digital route provide the expertise in attribution mapping across consumer's virtual journey for your products and services. Attribution solution methods can range from simplistic single touch-point to more complex multi-channel and multi-action touch points including Click-through rate, Last Click, Last impressions, Regression, Panel Testing etc. With our solutions clients can collect, model and analyse the data and impact of each touch-point for better value-add.