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Customized Social Media Measurement

The social media landscape has rapidly become the holy grail of marketing activities, with millions of companies out there trying to woo the target audience in engaging, positive and long-term experiences. However, the real secret lies in social media engagement initiatives that are strategically designed based on real numbers and analysis, namely, Social Media Measurement to hit the bulls-eye.

Beyond Analytics

Our team of talented experts love numbers and go far beyond analytics to help design actionable insights for a brand's social media activities. With an ocean of information out there, we deep dive to bring to you high quality reports across various metrics, in-depth audience profiling to arrive at right target segment, and content performance analysis to identify both the top performing content as well as the associated audience groups.

Connective 9 Suite of Services

The first and foremost service critical to business is the monitoring and measurement of online conversations, and their analysis. We aim to provide both a holistic, macro monitoring to micro-management of individual users and help you build campaigns designed for both. What's more, this analysis becomes a crucial input for your business to improve processes and operations based on the real-time feedback received thorough various social platforms.

Coming to the content performance measurement of social media, we first establish the purpose and then build a strategy around the goals to be achieved. The purpose of a startup would be to generate maximum awareness, whereas that of established online businesses would be to measure the increase (or decrease) in business through social media and content marketing. Our analytics helps establish new benchmarks to continually provide updated inputs as per the changing behavior and needs of your online social community.

Our custom-made analytics and reporting solutions ensure that we maximize social media marketing ROI for your specific line of business.