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Social Listening

'If you want to be successful, then you must be a good listener'- a success mantra that was formulated long before the days of the internet and social media marketing. Little has changed since then with respect to human psychology and their behavior, regardless of whether they interact with you in physical or virtual form. The mantra is very simple and universally applicable- listen to your customers. And today, they say maximum on online platforms.

Building Social Intelligence

We help you harness the unimaginable power of social intelligence that goes beyond just listening to what your customers are saying online, but helping you make sense of this mammoth data. It is important to be able to drill down and discover the online conversations that are most relevant from your business standpoint. The idea is to pinpoint and locate every online discussion about your business, it's offerings, your brand/s, product/s and services.

This is achieved with powerful data analytics and queries to bring to you real-time, spam-free data sourced from millions of online sources. With this, the control is in your hands to monitor and analyze the data as well as track your campaigns in real-time. With meaningful, in-depth insights, you can do benchmarking for various parameters; understand your audience demographics, their experiences and preferences, and much more

Smarter Decision Making

Go ahead and make smarter, timely decisions powered by smart social listening; whether it is a quick and effective response to a PR issue, more effective lead generation, automated reports or just the overall decision-making capability, your business benefits in innumerable ways.

Progressive and Flexible

Our data analytics solutions are 100% real-time and flexible enough to accommodate changes with the changing social media landscape, so that you don't miss out even a single conversationwith your customers.