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Brand Analysis

Ever felt that even though your company has left no stone unturned in creating a brand image through logos, visuals, packaging, marketing materials etc, you still have not achieved the results expected. Or have you started believing that better results are not possible with current branding? More often than not, the answer lies in Brand Analysis. At Connective9, we offer Brand Analysis services that help you understand the current state of your brand and brand awareness levels, your target audience, competitor strategy and the markets.

Connective9 Brand Analysis- A Rapid Journey from Insight to Action

Connective9 helps you move on to the right branding path with an extensive range of services that will give you a unique insight to fully understand the brand's position, opportunities and the way forward:

  • Insight into customers' behavior through analysis of highly relevant data, based on their interactions with and experience of your campaigns.
  • Understand pre-purchase behavior with respect to search, filters, categories, and browsing till they find the product they need- the 'search' factor is critical as visitors are impatient and may exit if product/ service not found with minimum clicks.
  • Increase conversion rates by using our analysis results to build outstanding search, browsing and personalized results for optimal engagement and a pleasant purchase experience